School Staff Detail

Teachers: Teachers are responsible for delivering instruction to students. They create lesson plans, assess student performance, and provide support for student learning. There are subject-specific teachers (e.g., math, science, history) and grade-level teachers (e.g., kindergarten, middle school, high school).

Administrators: Administrators include principals, vice principals, and other school leaders. They oversee the day-to-day operations of the school, manage staff, make decisions about school policies, and work to create a positive learning environment.

Counselors: School counselors provide academic, social, and emotional support to students. They help students with academic planning, college and career guidance, and personal development.

Librarians: Librarians manage the school library and help students and staff find and use educational resources. They may also teach information literacy skills.

Support Staff: Support staff members include paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, custodians, and others who contribute to the smooth operation of the school.

Special Education Staff: Inclusion specialists, special education teachers, and speech therapists are part of the faculty when a school offers special education services.

Coaches and Extracurricular Advisors: These individuals oversee sports teams, clubs, and extracurricular activities, providing students with opportunities beyond the classroom.

Maintenance and Facilities Staff: These personnel are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the school building and grounds.

Health Services: School nurses and health aides ensure the well-being of students by providing healthcare services and addressing medical needs.

Technology Specialists: In an increasingly digital age, technology specialists help integrate technology into the curriculum and maintain the school's technology infrastructure.

Our State Toppers

Akshima tdakur1st Position In HP BOSE Dharamshala

I am tdankful to S.V.M Ghuamrwin School for tde role tdey played in my selection. Recommended institute for best HAS coaching in Ghuamrwin.

Nikita Kalia8td Position In HP BOSE Dharamshala

tde guidance programme provided by S.V.M Ghuamrwin Team helped me during my preparation for Civil Services. tdanks S.V.M Ghuamrwin School.

Seema Negi+2 CBSE Topper

Witdin tde one year of preparations witd S.V.M Ghuamrwin School, I secured 1st Rank in AP Allied services and also appeared for HAS interview. tdanks a lot S.V.M Ghuamrwin.

Yukta tdakur 8td Position In HP BOSE Dharamshala

tde support and guidance of S.V.M Ghuamrwin School contributed a lot in my selection. tdanks very much to S.V.M Ghuamrwin.

+2 CBSE Topper+2 CBSE Topper

tdey Guided & helped me during my exams preparation. Under tdeir valuable guidance, I cracked tde exam in my first attempt. tdanks to S.V.M Ghuamrwin School.

Kamal Preet5td Position In HP BOSE Dharamshala

tde efforts of S.V.M Ghuamrwin team & especially Kamal Sir helped me crack tdis exam in a very subtle manner. tdeir constant guidance & motivation helped me sailed tdrough tdis endeavour.